Architecture is the successful translation of our client's aspirations with both immediate and lasting quality.  O.T. Marshall Architects builds on the past while reaching for the future.

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Champion Hills

After sitting idle for over 10 years as a former basketball arena, the Memphis Pyramid was renovated into a Bass Pro destination retail store and hotel. Big Cypress Lodge includes 104 rooms circumscribing the 2nd and 3rd floors with each room having a commanding view of the retail core.  The retail comprises 5 bodies of water hosting ecosystems for multiple fishing habitats; they are tied together by series of warfs.  Cypress trees scale 150’ into the air. An elevator tower climbs to the apex of the facility hosting a new restaurant with new glass cantilevered balconies; its kinetic light design celebrating its once unceremonious volume. The overlook restaurant up top includes a 10,000 gallon aquarium. At 535,000 square feet, it is one of the largest retail stores in the country located in a building that was once scheduled for demolition. 

Bass Pro at the Pyramid
Champion Hills Office Building

The Champion Hills Office Building was the first modern building of its kind in the area of FedEx World Headquarters, and to capitalize on its location and to set a design ethos of quality for the proposed “technology corridor,” we emphasized the design principles of flexibility and adaptability. Our client called for an attractive site with Class A office space overlooking a golf course and tennis courts, and the 90 percent lease rate for the 80,000 square foot building reflects the market’s positive response to the building’s emphasis on beauty and function.